Dr. V.S. Kelkar

Dr. Vasant S. Kelkar has a Ph. D. in Structural Engineering from Stanford University, California, U.S.A. He was Postdoctoral Research Associate of U.S. National Academy of Sciences at NASA's Ames Research Center, California. He was assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai from 1967 to 1970 and was also a Visiting Professor for Summer Quarters at Stanford University between 1982 to 1992.

Dr. Kelkar has written several technical papers in Indian and International journals and is also a co-author of a textbook "Fundamentals of the Analysis and Design of Shell Structures" published by Prentice-Hall in U.S.A. He has won awards from Institution of Engineers (India) for lectures delivered and was awarded “Gaurav Award” in 2006 for "Outstanding Contribution to Civil Engineering Consultancy" by Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India). He was awarded “Life Time Achievement Award” by the Indian Concrete Institute for “Outstanding Contribution to Concrete Technology 2007”.

Madhura Manjrekar

Madhura Manjrekar has a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Mumbai University. She has over 20 years experience in structural planning and designing of various structures including several high rise residential and commercial buildings in India and abroad. Her tasks involve overall supervision of design and drafting done by other engineers and draftsmen in the office, coordination with clients, architects and other consultants.

Ashish Bhangle

Ashish Bhangle has graduated from Mumbai University and has been involved in the design of multistoreyed buildings, industrial structures in India and Gulf countries for over 17 years. His tasks involve supervising the work of other engineers, draftsmen including computer analysis, meeting with clients, architects and other consultants for coordination and visiting the sites for periodic supervision.

Megha Ghatwal
Associate Engineer

Megha Ghatwal has graduated from Mumbai University in Civil Engineering and has over 9 years of experience in design of RCC and steel structures. She was actively involved in design of Award Winning HQ Building of JSW in BKC, Mumbai which has upper floors in structural steel.

Prabhat Pandey
Associate Engineer

Prabhat Pandey has graduated from the University of Mumbai. He is an expert in computer analysis of various complex structures and has also developed inhouse softwares for analysis and design. He is also involved in design of several residential and commercial building projects and coordination with architects and clients.